Open.. finally

It's half past twelve in the morning. I have work tomorrow and I really shouldn't be doing this right now.

But still, I feel pride in my heart to finally be able to go into "production" with this never-ending project of mine. This website has been my passion from the day I registered my domain six years ago, but as with so many passions, it took control over me and I was not able to deliver what I promised to myself.

Countless of CMS's, several static pages and lot of tears were created before what you see now emerged. This site is actually not running on some content management system (although there are some good ones, not made by me :D, available) but a semi-static site running on top of Zend Framework.

This is my playground for tech stuff. I hope to be dutiful enough to keep the content up to date, to post blog entries and to follow and support the development of my favourite framework by testing new features on this site.

Feel free to browse the source code and comment. I know that everything is yet not perfect there and lot of things need refactoring and cleaning, but I hope to get some support from my random visitors :)