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Saksalaistutkimus väittää: Kissanruoka hillitsee hiustenlähdön

Yhä useampi mies kärsii hiusten harvenemisesta. Aiempi teoria korkean testosteronipitoisuuden yhteydestä hiustuppien kuolemiseen on vaakalaudalla – syypäätä tulee etsiä väärästä ruokavaliosta, väittää Kölnin yliopiston tutkija Fritz Kattströ.

First steps in the Connect IQ world

In February 2015, I had agreed to do a review of the mapping and hiking features of the Garmin Epix sports watch in my hunting blog. While waiting for the device, I did some research and found out about the Connect IQ. The possibility of being able to develop applications for it was tempting, and I decided to give it a shot.

Going Drupal

After 6 years it was finally the time to update my personal web site. This time I did a switch from my homebrewed CMS to newly released Drupal 8. I've been working with Drupal for almost half of my career but unfortunately for this transition, on the wrong end of the delivery pipeline.

Redirecting in the View

Although this is not a common practise in developing with Zend Framework, I see a couple of benefits in doing your redirects in the View part of a MVC framework. In this blog post I present an idea why it might be wrong to make your redirects in the controller layer and what you gain if you write them in your view scripts instead.  This could be a bit touchy subject and I don't in any way insist that I am right in this, but let me explain myself a bit more before burning me as a witch :)